Planning, management and talent for a truly memorable event

Whether your festival is just a new concept or you’d like to refresh an established event, Muso Promotions can assist with all or part of its planning, staging and artists.

Festival management

We advise on festival layout and design, timing your calendar around competing or complementary events and how to draw the right audience. We will adhere to requirements of local council and state and federal legislation governing parking, amenities, water per capita, accessibility and security and more.

Festival consultancy

Festivals require at least 12 months of pre-publicity to corral the right kinds of support and a healthy attendance. We manage and pace the schedule over that time – ticket pre-sales, social media expertise, liaison with publicists and industry media, all to budget, setting a realistic contingency.

Event planning

We can produce a comprehensive document outlining all aspects of the festival. This clarifies the budget and timelines. We can shortlist your preferred artists, determine who’s available, determine the marketing, timing, projected returns, merchandising options, festival layout, technical staff, volunteer drives, etc.

Artist procurement

Our trusted and established industry contacts make it cost-effective to engage Muso Promotions. As experienced negotiators, we also cast a keen eye over the fine print and manage cancellations and delays.

Stage management

We take care of all aspects of staging, sound and lighting.


Bells Line Music Festival 2022

Event manager
A new annual music festival along the iconic scenic route from North Richmond to Berambing, celebrating country music, mountain people, farmers and firefighters.

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners

Event manager
Each year up to 180 trucks pick up donated hay from Victorian farmers and form a convoy to drought-affected outback stations.

Ballina Food & Wine Festival

Major artist procurement
A community event presented by the Rotary Club of Ballina-on-Richmond Inc., the 2019 festival marked its tenth year.

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