Bells Line Music Festival 2022

Bells Line Music Festival 2022

Be a part of Greater Western Sydney’s first and best country and roots-based music festival!

What better place for city to meet country than along our iconic Bells Line of Road?

Bell’s Line Music Festival is a fantastic new initiative based on the country and roots music genre, celebrating country people, farmers, fire fighters and family. Our annual music festival aims to build crisis resilience in the Hawkesbury and to reignite and diversify tourism on the Bell’s Line strip – post-bushfires, post-floods and post-Covid. Let’s show off our beautiful region and forget our troubles!

And it’s FREE to EVERYONE in postcode 2758!

The Hawkesbury really needs some good news

Over the last three years the Hawkesbury community has been battered by successive natural disasters: major fires and floods plus the pandemic. Many residents have lost homes, businesses, assets, livestock, employment and even loved ones.

We want to draw people to the area, promoting our beautiful region and expanding off-season tourism options. But most of all, we want to help the people of the Hawkesbury recover from tough times. What better way to do that than through the excitement and cultural focus of a community music festival?