Artist management

Take an easier path to your success

Muso Promotions manages established country music artists.

When you join Muso, we will first focus on understanding your music, your style, your passion. We are artists ourselves, so we already have an insight into your dreams, successes and challenges.

Formulate your future

Then we help you take charge of your career. First we objectively analyse your profile gradient from the beginning – your single releases, album releases, marketing and publicity trajectories – to track where you started, and your journey to date. Your high points will show us when and why everything worked for you and, just as importantly, we’ll look at when and why things didn’t work out so well. We use this analysis to establish realistic, achievable expectations and formulate your future.

Hone your branding and PR

We’ll review your image and your sonic branding. Are they coherent, are they representative of you? We regard an artist’s individual style as a strength and will never push you to be someone you’re not. We liaise with our industry contacts to create effective and on-budget marketing collateral, and strategically roll out PR and social media material.

Business and financial planning

Your career is a business, so passion and pragmatism must go together. Your sustainability is our priority, so we set your career goals as part of a clear business case. The planning and analysis incorporates marketing and audience demographics. We know timing is everything: when to write, record, release. We know the why and where of touring is critical. If attending a festival or event is important for your career, we’ll plan ahead to maximise its cost effectiveness.

Our administration leaves you free to create

And of course, as a manager it is important to us that our artists get to create art, free from dealing with distractions. Muso will be your first point of all contact. We will efficiently organise social media and other ongoing administrative tasks.

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