Emerging artist consultancy

We mentor and support young and/or emerging country musicians to embark on their career

Jed Zarb, Muso Productions

Hi, I’m Jed Zarb of Muso Promotions. I have 20 years experience in artist management. As a performer and songwriter myself I have a close empathy with the artist’s journey and I can help you along yours.

Artistic analysis

I believe that your individuality is your strength and you should build on that. We’ll analyse what you have created so far, relating that to your personality, drawing out your passions, inspirations and life experiences. What makes you happy as a performer? What is your musical style, what are the sounds you gravitate to? Who do you love playing with, which fellow artists nourish your passion?

Personal branding

All artists need a distinctive personal brand. Together we will work out a strategic consistency in sonic and image branding that feels natural for you, that enhances rather than dilutes your uniqueness. You won’t hear, “this is what you should sound like”, “this is what’s trending”, and I won’t be pushing you towards tired formulas.

Product commercialisation

To get your work out there, we’ll do what a traditional record company used to do: setting up peripherals, publicists, graphic artists, recording studios, with a clear idea of the who, when and why we need these people. Muso Promotions has a wide range of established contacts: session musicians, agents and other artists, giving you important networking shortcuts.

Business planning

There’s no such thing as overnight success – but let’s make your hard work pay off properly with an objective-driven business plan. We’ll set clear goals, envision a future and work out a strategy to get you there. Ironically, to achieve your dreams you have to be completely rational: why are you doing this or that? What do you want to achieve and why?

Performance coaching

I can also coach you in performance. With 2500+ pub solo gigs to my name, I can teach vocal techniques, technical musicianship and showmanship skills, including feedback from your own live performances.

I met Jed Zarb in 2008 and we have been working together on different projects ever since. Jed has been a great sounding board in so many areas of my career, and even accompanied me to meetings with my label as I navigated some important career decisions. Step by step Jed helped me put together my first small headline tour. When audience numbers and venues for a few shows didn’t go so well, he helped me nut out what went wrong and how to best avoid it happening again. Since then my shows have been mostly winners! If Jed believes in you he will give 100% and will always advise what he thinks is best for YOU and your career. He is a great listener and never makes you feel any less if you don’t agree or decide not to follow his advice. With a wealth of industry and musical knowledge, Jed sure is a great guy to have on your team.
Jayne Denham

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