Bells Line Music Festival 2022 Sponsorship

Sponsorship for the
Bells Line Music Festival

Help us launch Greater Western Sydney’s pre-eminent country and roots-based music festival
29th October 2022

Bell’s Line Music Festival will use the country and roots genre of music to celebrate of country people, farmers, fire fighters and family. Based on the iconic road of the same name, its aim is to build crisis resilience in the Hawkesbury community and promote tourism diversity, especially in the agri-tourist off-season.

We are inviting all Hawkesbury community and business organisations to get behind the Bell’s Line Music Festival project through monetary and/or in-kind support. We are a grass roots organisation in our infancy and invite you to get in on the ground floor to help kick off the first event with style and success. From little things, big things grow, and we fully expect, as planned, to create an off-season annual boost to the region by creating a major draw event for years to come.

We have four levels of sponsorship each with increasing visibility within the festival and its promotions. Have a look at our prospectus to find out more.

Where are we at?

Currently we have a small expert team and enough funding to execute a small event in one venue – as currently planned, we will occupy the grounds of the Kurrajong Heights Bowling & Recreation Club. If we make this event something to remember, it should become an annual highlight of the Hawkesbury calendar. So we need your help! 

  • We look to expand our team through volunteers – get in touch with our festival director if you would like to be involved!
  • We are seeking further funding through sponsorship as monetary or in-kind support. There is a general sponsorship prospectus available by request, however, we also are happy to tailor make support packages to suit. Contact us!

Where do we want to go?

Our five-year plan music program that extends for two days and nights over a weekend in multiple venues in the territory. A synchronised and co-ordinated entertainment programme across all venues, with central parking and shuttlebus service between venues, parking, and accommodation.

Jed Zarb, Muso Productions
Your presenting partner: Muso Promotions

Since 1994, Muso Promotions have been innovators in festival consultancy, artist management, and emerging artist consultancy. Muso is headed by Jed Zarb, who draws on over 30 years of experience as a musician, manager and consultant, providing guidance to new young artists and management for established artists. Jed has had extensive involvement in all aspects of music festival planning and design, artist procurement, pre-publicity and stage management.

Annually since 2015, Muso Promotions has worked with the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners to organise morale-boosting free concerts in Australia’s outback communities in drought crisis. While the delivery of hay and essential goods is the paramount objective, the sponsored concerts allow those affected to meet and form isolation-busting, long-term connections in a joyous and high-emotion setting.

The Hawkesbury: a community in crisis

Over the last three years the Hawkesbury community has been battered by successive natural disasters: major fires and floods plus the pandemic. Many residents have lost homes, businesses, assets, livestock, employment and even loved ones. Community morale is at a low ebb with grieving people feeling isolated and disconnected from community and services.

Longer term problems are presented by the long off-season of the region’s only attraction, agri-tourism; and the lack of arts and cultural events to heal and unify the community.

A music festival helps in three distinct ways

These issues are addressed at least partly with a common solution: bringing a quality, ongoing and sustainable Country and Roots music festival to the region. Because:

1) The solution is cultural

As well as the transcendent joy of the music, it’s an opportunity to display local arts and crafts plus cross-promotion of many local businesses, highlights and attractions. The festival will showcase our unique settlement and Indigenous heritages.

2) The solution is local

Cohesion and belonging are at the heart of a healthy community. Bringing people together in a festival atmosphere enhances connection, bonding, and morale with a long-lasting impact. We envisage a morale-boosting event that is free to the local community.

3) The solution is commercial

Although it is “free to community”, this “city meets country” tourism event brings paying customers from outside the area to boost business and tourism in the region in the low season. Our model is not for profit and relies on sponsor partners and cultural grants.